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GB-201011892-D0: Antiretroviral drug formulations for treatment of children exposed to HIV/AIDS patent, GB-201012285-D0: Actuator patent, GB-201013527-D0: Internal combustion engine patent, GB-201013940-D0: Tyre in tyre systems patent, GB-201014004-D0: A dynamic system for routing physical postal mail to support existing postal addresses and address changes patent, GB-201015556-D0: Wave energy converter patent, GB-201015679-D0: Variable geometry turbine patent, GB-201016495-D0: A portable accessory for personal security patent, GB-201016842-D0: Cashpoint & point-of-sale security system patent, GB-201017208-D0: Casing stabbing guide patent, GB-201018068-D0: A vehicle patent, GB-201018679-D0: Apparatus and method for conveying time and related information to timepieces patent, GB-201019287-D0: Heat engine patent, GB-201019470-D0: The degravitator patent, GB-201019549-D0: Playlist creation patent, GB-201022089-D0: Lotinga body armour patent, GB-201101382-D0: Waste treatment patent, GB-201101393-D0: Physical exercise device patent, GB-201101465-D0: System and method for a temperature sensor using temperature balance patent, GB-201102356-D0: Parallel plate self cleaning electrolyser patent, GB-201102732-D0: Acoustic lining patent, CA-255887-A: Method of earth drilling patent, GB-201103779-D0: Enhanced endoscopic ablation apparatus patent, GB-201104238-D0: Mass spectrometer patent, GB-201104274-D0: Wind turbine torque equaliising ring drive system patent, GB-201104704-D0: The roadsweepers multytrolley patent, GB-201104721-D0: Intelligent alerting system patent, GB-201105223-D0: Pothole repair patent, GB-201105635-D0: Pressure-less pot patent, GB-201105923-D0: Improvements in or relating to cold storage patent, GB-201107492-D0: Water removal in gas sensing equipment patent, GB-201107546-D0: Improvements in or relatting to multi-fuel stoves and storage heater apparatus patent, GB-201108423-D0: A liquid dispenser patent, GB-201108448-D0: Pipe joint patent, GB-201108591-D0: Aquarium filtering system with a filter assembly detachably connectable to a distribution housing patent, GB-201108748-D0: Internal combustion engine assembly patent, GB-201109450-D0: Method and device for encoding a sequence of images and method and device for decoding a sequence of image patent, GB-201110192-D0: Method and apparatus for the separation of a constituent from a fluid patent, GB-201110473-D0: Alternative TEMPSC embarkation system (ATES) patent, GB-201110725-D0: Food product patent, GB-201110916-D0: Electrical distribution system patent, GB-201111123-D0: Drive scheme for cholesteric liquid crystal display device patent, GB-201111283-D0: Fantasy sweepstake patent, GB-201112015-D0: Water wheel patent, GB-201112198-D0: Ambient noise-reduction system patent, GB-201115191-D0: Apparatus for the utilisation of thermal radiation patent, GB-201115325-D0: Apparatus for use with and/or as part of a floatable item patent, GB-201115342-D0: Improvements in galvanic isolators patent, GB-201115620-D0: Bulk material processing patent, GB-201116850-D0: A shoe lace fastening device patent, GB-201117289-D0: An oil cooling system patent, GB-201119055-D0: Mobile computing device cover patent, GB-201119340-D0: patent, GB-201119830-D0: Method of preparing and despensing food products patent, GB-201120089-D0: Hoarding panel patent, GB-201120442-D0: Method of determining the state of a battery pack patent, GB-201120767-D0: Kit and method for installing roof insulation patent, GB-201121208-D0: Equipment with removable power supply patent, GB-201121922-D0: Smoking articles and other flow delivery articles patent, GB-201121943-D0: Apparatus and method for processing food patent, GB-201122114-D0: . patent, GB-201200458-D0: Methods of preparing cells and compositions patent, GB-201200522-D0: Hybrid air vehicle natural gas carrier patent, GB-201201203-D0: Adaptive control of internal combustion engine patent, GB-201202110-D0: Optically variable devices and method of manufacture patent, GB-201203103-D0: Quick-release fixing structure for a fender of a bicycle patent, GB-201203644-D0: Spray can actuator patent, GB-201204296-D0: Human advertising (sandwich man) jacket with 2 LCD displays and a GPS patent, GB-201204967-D0: Apparatus and method of augmented reality interaction patent, GB-201204976-D0: Container temperature control system patent, GB-201205441-D0: H2O pure water filter bottle patent, GB-201205650-D0: Resealable package, method for producing the resealable package and apparatus for producing the resealable package patent, GB-201206099-D0: Device patent, GB-201206181-D0: Vehicle electonic parking display unit with inbuilt Wi-Fi router patent, GB-201206314-D0: Emergency lighting system monitoring patent, GB-201206744-D0: Optimal gradient pursuit for image alignment patent, GB-201206986-D0: Asynchronous processing on mainframe computers patent, GB-201207172-D0: Techniques for protecting pipe coatings patent, GB-201207954-D0: Device and method for dna sequencing patent, GB-201208472-D0: Packaging 02 patent, GB-201208949-D0: Method for joining superconducting wires and superconducting joint patent, GB-201211266-D0: Hydra natural energy drink patent, GB-201211630-D0: Latch releasing mechanism patent, GB-201211683-D0: Method for fabrication a rear conact heterojunction intrinsic thin layer silicon solar cell with only one masking step and respective solar cell patent, GB-201211806-D0: Data communications system patent, GB-201211926-D0: Hydraulic lash adjuster patent, GB-201211936-D0: Method to derive queue and journey measurement through passive facial recognition patent, GB-201212117-D0: Composition and manufacture of artificial stone and brick veneers patent, GB-201212460-D0: Lightweight document access control using access control lists in the cloud storage or on the local file system patent, GB-201213211-D0: Helping worldmedia, heroin,A, B, C, D, E, vitamins patent, GB-201213249-D0: iFish rod and alarm guard patent, GB-201214204-D0: Gas compression and gas upgrade system patent, GB-201214380-D0: Inductively loaded transmission line for integrated photonic applications patent, GB-201214644-D0: Cable support for supporting a conductor arrangement producing an electromagnetic field, conductor arrangement and route for vehicles comprising the conductor patent, GB-201214653-D0: Boot container patent, GB-201214733-D0: Golf coupling mechanisms and related methods patent, GB-201215212-D0: Tile batten patent, GB-201215258-D0: A closure patent, GB-201216999-D0: Wireless access point patent, GB-201217611-D0: Immediate/delayed drug delivery patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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